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Mr Kiran Mote is among the top corporate trainer in Pune, along with this he is also a motivational speaker, eminent educationist and a business consultant, who can lead you towards wealth. He has been consulting individuals as well as small organisations to inculcate that growth factor in their lives.Being a renowned business trainer, he provides client assessment to enhance the effectivity, increase the creditability and customise their training needs, according to their personal and professional requirements.

Our enhancement programs deliver long-lasting results through interactive and experimental sessions and a series of pre-planned structured personal conversations between the coach and the coached. Our customised programs with effective strategies are designed to bring deep-seated transformation in an individual. It helps them experience the transition from awareness to an immense level of satisfaction and the desired success!

In addition to the executive coaching, we also offer leadership development and team building programs for individuals or organisations, to equip them with the skills, behavior and competencies required for the success in the corporate world.


At PriyaKiran, we do not stop our assessment after the first session; rather we will walk along with our customers through every step of their enhancement journey. To analyse the effectivity and the progress of our coaching sessions, on an individual or at the organisational level, we enhance and upgrade our training program until your desired goal is achieved.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: To understand our philosophy it is important to understand the reason why we exist – To make money? Well, though that is a real-life goal but does not make the core of our philosophy. Honestly speaking we believe in making others wealthy! We exist to make a positive change in our client’s personal and professional life and shift them into a zone that we call “The Success Zone”.

OUR VISION: Our vision is to help individuals and organisations, discover their possibilities and inspire them to unleash their potential across all facets of their lives.

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to communicate regularly with our clients, support them through effective business strategies, to bring along a positive change in individual’s lives so that they effectively harness opportunities for themselves and their organisations for growth.

OUR VALUES: Our values lie in our holistic approach. We view individuals as something more than a person, with their unique skills, principles, values and goals.