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Join the most effective sales training program to succeed in every stage of your sales process. Choose a reforming experience!



Find it difficult to convert leads into sales? It can be the result of today’s techno-savvy consumers, or most likely, it could be your outdated sales techniques!The days of hard selling are over.When on-line consumers are completing 70% of the buying process without EVER interacting with any sales person, traditional sales models will no longer work. That is why it is a need of the era to adopt sales training and techniques that are evolved for the digital age.As the modern customershave learned how to buy the deals, new sales techniques have emerged. The best part is- we are here to create the salesforce of today, and tomorrow.We will walk you through every stage of sales funnel, make you aware about the commitments that are vital, and teach you to secure each one in order to close the deals. Knowing what, how and when to say, has never been so easy. Become a trusted advisor who understands the client needs and deliversbest client experience.Our proven sales training programs bring about 94% learning engagement and our training techniqueenhances knowledge retention by 170%. So that yoursales skills are cultivated, developed, practiced, and implemented on-the-job.


Training Objective:

Sales is our expertise! With our distinct sales training programs we will gear you up with all the sales skills necessary to advance at every stage of the sales funnel.

The objective of our training programs is to create sustainable transformations in sales behaviours.  They are not just single events; rather they are part of a comprehensive sales training system that comprisesof assessment, customization, person engagement training and constant reinforcement.Our sales training programs are designed to produce real behaviour change and deliver improved sales results.

We specialize in providing tailored sales training program for individuals as well as teams with rich content and exercises that perfectly fits your organisational needs. Sales techniques are presentedwith a strategic, hands-on approach, to gain continued expertiseeven after the training session is finished.


Your sales people will learn to:


  • Sale higher priced products against lower priced products.
  • Ask 25 most powerful sales questions.
  • Build trust.
  • Make millions on phone.
  • Understand what is relationship selling.
  • Double your sale overnight.
  • Create and deliver winning presentation of your product and service.
  • Know what an objection is with its 4 types of categories.
  • Overcome any objection using 4 simple steps.
  • Handle price objection.
  • Overcome 5 standard objections that every sales person face
  • Close sales using 20 techniques.
  • Overcome mistakes that kill your sales.
  • Build relationship with customers while closing the sale.
  • Adopt friendship factor when selling.



Whatever is your company’s size or target, we are here to identify and develop perfect training solutions that best suits your requirements.



Maximize Your
Sales Force’s
Sale your product
and service at
higher margin
Double your sales
Reduce sales
cycle time
Boost your
revenue by 5x
Create loyal
Meet and exceed
Build positive
relationship with
your leads

Kiran Mote’s Sales Training Programs for Sales personalsare designed to enrich the knowledge, mind-set and skill-set required to become a best sales person, a best manager, and successful businessperson. They have the capability to create strong, determinant sales people by helping them consistently to hit the sales goals of their organizations.
Be the best sale leader you can be. Develop a sales team of top performers, who deliver consistently and achieve predictable sales outcomes.